The review process

Tobii customers and partners that are developing solutions requiring access to our API´s, need to sign a software development license agreement (SDLA – read more here). Our SDLA for Commercial use and for Research use requires compliance to the Tobii Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy.

If you signed a SDLA for Commercial use and have been granted right to store and or transfer eye tracking data, you also have to undergo a review process (this is not applicable for applications under the Research SDLA).

We have a review process for three reasons:

  • Ensure policy compliance
  • Help implement best practice of active user acceptance
  • Evolve the policy by learning from our customers and partners

The review is not required if you are running the project under a proof-of-concept phase (non-commercial SDLA). The review process is transparent and we share our review records with our customers and partners.

It is important to plan the review process well in time. Initiation of review process is done by contacting Tobii account manager. The Tobii account manager will then allocate a dedicated review manager. The review manager will make contact and execute the review process, answer questions and provide relevant information and support.
Our software development licensing model