Eye tracking Data Transparency Policy

If Your Software stores or transfers Eye Tracking Data, then You must comply with this policy, and as such, Tobii requires the following to be implemented into Your Software:

  • Active User Acceptance: Your Software needs to use a consistent format to explicitly and clearly ask the user for their permission to store, or transfer, their Eye Tracking Data. This request for permission must happen before the user’s data is stored or transferred. It also needs to state the purpose of storing/transferring Eye Tracking Data and assurance that such data will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Visualization: Your Software must show the user when the storing or transferral of Eye Tracking Data occurs. You must provide a mechanism for visualization. This is required unless explicitly waived by Tobii.
Tobii recommends that the following is implemented into Your Software:
  • The What’s in it for me policy: inform users clearly about the value they will receive from Your Software. Clear guidance and knowledge of the benefits helps users to understand why they should provide with their Eye Tracking Data to You.

Please note that the implementation of this policy may vary for different product categories. For screen-based products, a window, such as the one below, is recommended for Active User Acceptance and the What’s in it for me policy.

Policy Notice
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